How DocxManager Works?


Let me explain the user interface of the software.
For the document manager part, DocxManager’s workspace window is consist of 3 parts:

1.    On the left:
Your project folder view. You select one of your documents and it’ll be opened in the middle window.

2.    In the middle:
The Word document window – DocxManager innovatively embeds Microsoft Word, so that you can work in a single program, keep everything organized, without having to switch windows all the time.

3.    On the right:
The document metadata pane, where you can set various properties for the currently selected document.



For the website generator part, DocxManager generates modern looking websites out of your Word documents:

1.    The source of page content:
Each of your documents in a project will be an html page after the site generation.

2.    The selected theme for the current project folder:
A theme defines your site’s navigation menu, look-and-feel, and so on. A theme usually consists of html page templates and asset files (mostly CSS files for styling and JavaScript code for scripting the pages).

3.    The page metadata:
Through the document metadata pane, you can set, for example, if the page would appear in the site’s main navigation menu, what’s the menu caption, and so on.


During the site authoring, you have the Preview button, which provides live preview of your web pages, in local web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.

And after a site’s generated, DocxManager can upload your entire website to your remote web server so that your site can be visited by people all around the world.


See more screenshots or read the documentation for more details.