Pricing and Purchase

DocxManager software (the document organizer and website generator for Word documents) is available as two editions:

DocxManager Basic Edition - $49

The Basic edition is mainly for managing and organizing your documents (mostly .doc/.docx Word documents) on your computer on a project-basis, by utilizing features such as project folder outlines, stars, document tabs, integrated Word editor window, document tags, document notes and so on. You can combine Word documents into one with the Basic edition.

Click to buy DocxManager Basic


DocxManager Standard Edition - $99

The standard edition includes all features from the Basic edition, plus all the website publishing (site theming, generation and uploading) features.

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The Purchase and Software Activation Process

The steps are simple and are similar to how you get your Microsoft Office

1.    By clicking on one of the purchase links above you’ll be taken to the “InnovationGear Store” which is hosted by an established third-party payment processing company, there you’ll finish the online order process.

2.    Once your order is processed, you’ll receive your license key(s) through email, be sure your mailbox won’t block emails sent from

3.    Within the DocxManager software you installed, you’ll find where to activate your license key, see screenshot below.



Notes about the Licensing and Software Activation

1.    DocxManager will have to access our activation server ( during the activation process, and the connection will be securely protected by strong asymmetric encryptions.

2.    You can activate your DocxManager on up to 2 computers as long as you are the only user of the DocxManager software.

3.    If you migrate from a computer to another you can deactivate DocxManager on the source computer first.

4.    You’ll get software upgrades and updates within 12 months counting from your purchase date.

5.    Your license key is perpetual, meaning that your key will be valid forever, with one condition - the key will have to be used with DocxManager versions released within or prior to you free-upgrade period.
In other words, if you don’t want to buy upgrades, you can still use your old version.

6.    If you might worry about we as a business go out of business and you’ll won’t be able to activate your DocxManager by then, here is the deal – if that ever happen, we’ll modify the software to instead use an offline license registration schema which doesn’t need Internet access at all.