A tool for writing book-length projects with MS Word

Note: this site is generated by DocxManager itself


DocxManager is a productivity tool for professional Word users, including but not limited to novel writers, academic writers, technical writers, book writers, and others who write long documents or write a lot of documents.

DocxManager lets you break your large writing projects into small pieces and author the pieces one by one.

project navigation and multiple document tabs of DocxManager

The outliner lets you see the big picture of your writing. You click a node to edit the document in the nested Word window


Secondly, you can also generate professional-looking website out of your writing project. The idea is extremely simple:

-      The project outline become the website’s navigation menu.

-      Each document become a web page.

Convert your Word documents in your writing project to a professional-looking
web site.

As an example, this website is generated by DocxManager itself.


DocxManager is easy to use and much more than that, download and try it, or check out the features.