DocxManager is an outliner software, writer’s software and website builder software, built on top of MS Word which is seamlessly integrated into DocxManager. You have the following benefits to use DocxManager:

-      Improve your writing workflow for large writing projects for Word users.

-      Combine the entire writing project into a single output document once you complete writing your book, novel, academic document, technical document, and so on.

-      With the Standard edition of DocxManager, you can also generate a professional-looking website out of your documents, with the ability to change the look-and-feel and navigation with themes.

-      Upload the generated websites to various kinds of remote servers such as SFTP.


For website authoring, the idea is extremely simple:

-      The project outline is your website’s menu.

-      The Word documents are your website’s pages.


See several screenshots below, download it and check out the features (with more screenshots) of DocxManager.

Be noted that this website was generated by DocxManager itself!


Search in multiple/all Word documents in a project folder


Orgnaize/Plot documents of a writing project with index cards on a


Organize writing
project with outliner


Publish the
websites generated from Word to remote SFTP (SSH, Secure FTP) server


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