Theme Metadata File Explained

A theme must provide a file called themeMetadata.json to describe and configure the theme.

The following is an example of the theme metadata file:


  "Author": "Built-in Theme",

  "Email": "",

  "Url": "",

  "Version": "1.0",

  "ReleaseDate": "2019-07-01",

  "License": "Commercial",

  "Description": "A Bootstrap 4 theme based on the Bootstrap 4 official document site.",

  "ImgDefaultClass": "rounded shadow"



You might wonder, where’s the theme name? You might have guessed out - the theme folder’s name is the theme name.

The example is self-explanatory, and here are some notes:

·       ImgDefaultClass: The css class to apply to the images. In the above example, we use the rounded and shadow class to make the images look better.