Combine Your Word Documents into One

DocxManager is great for people who write long texts (Novels, other kinds of books, etc.) with Word, because you can break the writing into smaller pieces, write them one by one, and when done, combine them into the final, single Word document.


Advantages of Authoring around an Outline

Authoring with this approach (organize a bunch of smaller documents and merge them in the end) have many advantages as opposed to writing in one length document, for example:

·       While seeing the big picture, you can focus on a smaller scope.

·       Use document-level organizing tools such as Tags, Tabs, Stars, notes, and so on, to effectively manage your project documents.

·       It’s easy to adjust the structure of the large-scale writing with drag-and-drop.


Perform the Document Combining

With one click you can perform the compilation of the project documents, and this can be done in the Publish workspace page, as shown in the following screenshot. If you are a Writing Outliner user you’ll find this feature familiar, all after, one of the DocxManager’s goals is to replace Writing Outliner.


Break large writing project into pieces, write then one by one, then merge
them into one at the end